About Us

We are of the opinion that high school kids and families are different. Their cultural backgrounds are different as the world keeps on changing. What you have experienced in your childhood is not what your teenage kids are experiencing now. The decision about knowing what is best for your high school child is personal and will be different from how your friend nurtures his child. So, you cannot follow someone or choose him or her as a role model to raise your child. If you are struggling at getting into the pace at which the modern world is growing and want to keep up with this pace in terms of raising your high school going children and to solve their problems amicably, then we are there to guide you and help you achieve your goal.

We believe that parents are the best judges of their children and know what is good or bad for them. There are many issues and problems that your children would face in high schools. It is a totally different atmosphere in high schools than what children experience at home. You might not be qualified enough to guide your child to deal with the high school problems. This is where we come into the picture to help your kids tackle all issues that they face in high schools. By talking to us and communicating about the issues that they face in high school like bullying, eve teasing, sexual assault etc., Students will get expert counseling from our trained and experienced staff on how to handle these problems and how to find solutions to the problems.