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How To Deal With Kids Moving From Middle School To High School?

Time flies and within a blink of your eye, your little Joe or Teresa is all set to join high school. They are no longer kids that you can easily engage by putting them in front of cartoon channels. They are now teens and have entered a special phase in their lives. This is a very dangerous age where they can get spoilt if you do not have an eye for the kids. They are excited to join the high school and this is where they get to learn a lot about the outside world as well.

Be prepared for the move

No matter the move from middle school to high school is a big excitement or frightening to a parent or the child, it is important to be prepared to face the new music. The transition from middle school to high school can be smooth and easy with the support and advice of the parents.

Inculcate time management skills

It is all about time management when it comes to high school. Students need to learn how to manage time and to make good use of the time. Whiling away their valuable time is not a good option. They need to have a proper time management in place so that they get time to study, play, and also enjoy their social life. As parents, you can help them by charting out a schedule. This will be of great help to students making the move to high school. Helping them out with a schedule for the first two to three months of their high school is a good option. It is important to add homework time in the schedule and also allow some time for his or her extra-curricular activities. This way they will be motivated to stick to the schedule. Once the kids get a hang of what high school is and what they need to do, they will start to prepare their own schedule without your help.

Use of gadgets

It is the duty of the parents to make sure that their children leave their iPods, iPads, CD players, mobile phones and other electronic devices they have at home and not carried it to school. It is the duty of the kids to pay attention to what the teacher teaches in the class and not to play with these electronic items. Even though the smartphones and digital cameras are allowed on most campuses, you as a parent should not allow your child to take these pesky items to school. Ask them to make use of the phone in the reception room or the school office to call you for an emergency.


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