High School Students

The Growing Issues And Challenges Faced By High School Students

The high schools these days are not like the high schools you as parents attended in the 60s or 70s. Many term the high school students of the modern days as slackers or druggies. While most of these activities exist in some places, they are not omnipresent in all schools. These days’ students are very busy with a lot of things right from chatting with their friends on mobiles to playing their favorite sport. The high schools are not an insulated place now and there are plenty of activities that take place there.

High School Students

Exposure to risky behaviors

There are plenty of opportunities for high school kids these days than before. They can take part in a lot of school activities, do part-time jobs, come to school in car and motorbikes, etc. Everyone is on the fast track now. The exposure to the modern world of the internet and telecommunications have added risk to the lives of the high school kids They are not under the watchful eyes of their parents like before and hence may take up to alcoholism, drugs, and sex. Many kids want to succeed in life at a very early age and have a notion that they have a better understanding of the world. They are facing a future in a society that keeps on changing every day.

Need of money

The high school kids are in need of money and they know that they can make money for their fun activities by taking up part-time jobs. Kids are also aware of the tough challenges and competition that they are facing in the educational field and they want to be competitive in order to get better scores and enjoy better positions when they enter college. Their lives have changed a lot from what we used to do in our high school days. These days’ kids talk about sex openly, they watch ugly films, smoke in public and they watch explicit and brutal things. The world is changing and it is moving at a fast pace. Kinds also want to keep pace with the world and hence engage in a lot of things. If the high school activities are engaging, then more and more kids will not have a lot of time to devote to risky behavior. There is the need for money always and hence high school kids look to take up part-time jobs to save for their college education, pay car insurance, car dues and clothing.

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